Detroit Technologies Inc


Detroit Technologies Inc. (DTI) is a global automotive supplier providing interior components and other raw material supplier services to some of the world’s best-known automotive brands.

For over 15 years, DTI has been committed to delivering superior products to our customers on time, within budget and without defects. That commitment has resulted in an organization dedicated to growth, innovation and customer service.

The global automotive market is intensely competitive and manufacturers are only seeking suppliers that have global scope and the ability to offer solutions to complex global supply chain problems.

DTI thrives under those conditions.

Through one of our subsidiary companies, we design, develop and deliver a wide range of parts and accessories to leading automotive manufacturers. DTI has the expertise, experience and resources to meet the challenge facing your company.

Get to know the DTI group of companies. Learn how DTI’s technology-driven integrated solutions can help to contribute to your business’ bottom line through efficiency, cost containment and quality.


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